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June's Feature School-Mountain Montessori 

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Mountain Montessori is made up of 2 primary classrooms in the mountains of Colorado. We are remote from Denver but we have access to an amazing outdoor environment and a surprising amount of culture. However, the Vail Valley is a relatively new place as it was only established in 1962. It also has a highway running right down the middle of it. One of Mountain Montessori's goals is to help create a community in a place that sees a fair amount of transience and is not privy to typical neighborhoods. In establishing community within our school, we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy on communication. Communication with the children, among the staff and, of course, with our parents. Even grandparents. We also reach out into the community and other schools to work together in the best interest of the child.


Photo caption: The beauty of spring and winter

What is unique about our school:

Mountain Montessori has a well established parent education program. It has become an integral part of the school and one of our methods of creating community. We meet the same time once a month. In these meetings we share the basics of Montessori but we also will tackle the challenges of discipline, Montessori continued at home, executive function and independence. These presentations are followed by a question/answer time. These sessions offer so much information to the teachers and to the parents! Once the hard work is done we meet at a local restaurant to get to know one another better. The more we know about each other, the better we serve the children.

Programs offered at our school (ages, classes, etc):

Primary (2.5-6)

Phone: 970-748-3128

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Website: Mountain Montessori

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