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Treehouse Montessori School

Treehouse Montessori School opened its doors with Louanne Johnson, an experienced Montessori Directress, her assistant Rhonda Robertson, and a handful of dedicated parents who wanted to create more options for exceptional Montessori education in Fort Collins in 2007. Upon Louanne’s retirement in 2009, and Rhonda Robertson’s departure in 2013, Crystal Koons and Sarah Scholz became partners and have elevated the school to be one of the best programs in Fort Collins.

Treehouse Montessori School is beautiful, inside and out. Their outdoor campus is full of nature, love, and imagination. The children are able to be close to nature and help care and tend their extensive garden. The indoor classrooms are warm and bright with natural light, warm colors, and beautiful artwork. The children take pride in helping maintain the beautiful indoor environments.

What is unique or special about your school?
With a focus on peace education and the global citizen, Treehouse Montessori School has created a community which is unique. Treehouse Montessori School embodies purpose and protects the child’s right to learn by maintaining a supreme prepared environment and accommodating the needs of all children, while modeling exemplary behaviors for children and community. It is a world within a world, one that seeks peace, harmony, and respect

Programs Offered
Treehouse Montessori School serves children and families ages 18 months - 7 years with two classrooms, one Toddler and one Primary in a converted home; Treehouse Montessori School is truly a children’s house. In addition to a whole-day Montessori program, Treehouse Montessori School offers nature art classes with Wild Roots Studio and a music program with Lil’ Folk Music.

Treehouse Montessori School
2013 Valley Forge Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80256
Phone: (970) 581-1355



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PO Box 473541 
Aurora, CO 80047-3541

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