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Renaissance Montessori Academy (RMA)

Renaissance Montessori Academy (RMA) is a non-profit, traditional Montessori primary program celebrating 23 wonderful years serving our community of Parker, Colorado and beyond. We have joyfully prepared hundreds of children for future years of school success. Our program is specifically designed to embrace each child and their unique talents and to set a strong foundation of self-confidence and love of learning. Our school is lead by Jacquelyn Greenbaum, who brings 15 years of Montessori studies and professional practice to RMA. Jacquelyn accepted the role of Executive Director from our founder and previous director, Chhaya Vora. Including Jacquelyn, our school is fortunate to have four staff members with Master’s degrees who continue to take graduate-level coursework as well as four Montessori trained professionals who are also active in continuing education. Our governing board also has two Montessori trained members who share their knowledge and joy of Montessori education with our team.


What makes your school unique?

We practice patience and calmness through yoga directed by a registered yoga teacher, expand our language with a fully fluent Spanish teacher and explore the arts with a Montessori trained art teacher in our expansive studio. And while we laugh and learn in a bright and modern 13,000 square foot facility that allows for various educational opportunities, we are a small, tight-knit community. Although we continue to grow, we do so at a pace that allows us to maintain our nurturing, child-focused group of teachers, parents, caregivers and friends that surround our amazing and precious children. We value and embrace our diversity, with almost 20% of our families and staff representing other countries. This is an incredible opportunity for our students to gain cultural awareness through explorative learning opportunities and family presentations. We recently celebrated Diwali and look forward to another holiday season of discovery and sharing special celebrations with our friends. 


Programs Offered: 

We offer 2 Primary classes for children ages 2.5 through Kindergarten.

Renaissance Montessori Academy (RMA)
Address: 16740 Keystone Blvd. Parker, CO 80134
Phone: 303-840-6119
Website: rmaschool.org
Director: Jacquelyn Greenbaum

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