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Mountain Village Montessori Charter School

Mountain Village Montessori Charter School (MVMCS) just completed our inaugural year. We are located in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. There is a decade long history of trying to start a Montessori Charter school in the Yampa Valley and thanks to a few parents of our tiny private Montessori school and countless others, it finally happened in 2016-17. In our first year, MVMCS served children ages 3 years old to 5th grade. We had three Primary classrooms, 2 Lower Elementary classrooms, and 1 Upper Elementary classroom. The demand for a school of choice and a very positive year one for children, parents, and community members has enabled us to expand for the 2017-18 school year. We are adding another Lower Elementary classroom and another Upper Elementary room which will now include 6th grade. Our school will have close to 200 students enrolled for fall of 2017. It is in our Charter to grow into a middle school and serve 300 students in the Steamboat area. In addition to providing an exemplary Montessori education model for our community, we intend to promote programs that focus on art, Spanish, outdoor education, and other programs with local artisans.

What makes your school unique?

The Shooting Star’s Fiber Art Year Long Project The Lower Elementary students at Mountain Village Montessori Charter School (MVMCS) in Steamboat Springs, Colorado took on a very exciting project in the 2016-17 school year. The Shooting Star classroom focused on learning about fiber arts. They explored a timeline and the history behind fiber arts and discovered that fiber arts has been around since at least 300 AD when nalbinding was practiced. Students then dove deep into learning about animal, plant, synthetic and blended fibers. They explored and experimented with many tools and materials for a variety of fiber arts. With all of their broad background knowledge, it provided them a platform to begin some specific hands-on works. 


(Photos: Left- Making bird houses, Right- Crochet)

Throughout the year, The Shooting Stars learned the basics for weaving, knitting on a loom, crocheting, and needle felting. They began their year long journey by mastering a skill that many Montessori children learn, finger knitting. After observing the student’s desire to finger knit at any available moment, their guides knew that a study in fiber arts was a perfect opportunity for exploration and research. Students mastered skills such as slip knots, foundation, and single crochet stitches for their bookmarks. Creating woven paper place mats for lunchtime helped students define their space and made the lunch environment beautiful. Using round looms, students knitted hats of various sizes not only themselves, but for others in their family. Their final and favorite project of the year was needle felting a bird of their choice. Using the USA Montessori map, students learned the name and capitals of every state along with each state’s bird. While working on their maps, students researched birds of their choice and created them using their needle felting skills.


(Photos: Left- Bike Rides, Right- Students made hats) 

The Shooting Star’s year long fiber art project instilled in each student a love for using their hands to create unique and meaningful artwork. These students will continue their learning and fine tune their skills next year and beyond. Students will have ample opportunities to grow their knowledge in whichever fiber art skill they enjoy. They have become the fiber art experts at MVMCS and love sharing their fiber art works with other students. The Shooting Stars are also looking forward to giving back to the Steamboat community with their creations in years to come. The year long fiber art exploration was fun, exciting and a huge success for our Lower Elementary students.

(Below: Science Fair)

Programs Offered: 

Half and full day preschool through 6th grade.

Mountain Village Montessori Charter School (MVMCS)
Address: 27285 Brandon Circle Steamboat Springs, Co 80488
Phone: 970-879-6653

Director: Clare Berkey

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