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CMA has been serving the Montessori community in Colorado for five years. We look forward to celebrating with you in the months to come.

Thank you for all your support in these past years. We look forward to working together and to continue to be a powerful voice for our Montessori Community.

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The first of anything is thrilling, stressful, educational, and a bonding experience.  The first Colorado Montessori Association conference is no exception.  We heard from our members that they were in need of professional development.  CMA also learned in the past year that utilizing an annual daylong conference was how the majority of Montessori organizations in other states sustained their work – both financially and emotionally.  With this information we began strategizing at the CMA Board retreat last summer.  We were excited to work hard for our members and offer something substantial in return for membership.

 The planning began with finding the right keynote.  Barbara Coloroso has been a champion of Montessori education for a long time.  Her books are used to guide parents and teachers to offer respectful, independent environments for children.  Ms. Coloroso does not have a Montessori certificate, but she has Montessori children and grandchildren!  She speaks our language!   From the large amount of surveys we received after the conference, Ms. Coloroso was a huge success.  We are so happy that you found her keynote helpful, inspiring and humorous.  We couldn’t agree more.

 Our next step was to find the proper location.  Without a lot of funds for hotels and conference halls, we chose to utilize a Montessori school.  DCS Montessori Charter School was a tremendous choice.  We can’t thank Jeremy Johnson, the head of school, enough for his generous spirit and trust in our efforts.  The classrooms were beautiful.  The signage prepared by the students was incredibly helpful.  The parent volunteers could not have been kinder or more charitable with their work and their time.  Thank you DCS Montessori Charter School!

 I would like to take a moment to thank two people that worked incredibly hard on this project.  The first thank you is to Sheila Wolfe who was the conference chair.  She planned, mapped, collaborated, emailed, printed, called, organized and cooked to make this the best conference that CMA could offer.   The second thank you is to Michel Friberg.  Michel is the administrative assistant for CMA and her expertise on events was what put the polish on a strong board effort.  Michel handled the social media, the registration, folders, paypal, the square payment thingy, and the overall background work needed for an event like this.

 Lastly, I would like to thank the CMA membership and the Montessori community.  Thank you for trusting us and attending the snowy day conference in Castle Pines.  Thank you for reaching out to me personally when you could not add the conference to your already full schedule.  Thank you for all your kind words and constructive suggestions in your reflections and surveys.  We are guided by your helpful hints and we are excited for next year.

 Watching the Colorado Montessori community gather, hug, reunite and meet new friends was an amazing reward.  Let’s use the energy gathered from that day to continue to build our voice in Colorado.

 CMA President

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