The public comment period will close Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dear Montessori Lovers in Colorado,

CMA has been working hard with the Colorado Office of Early Childhood to examine the Early Childhood licensure rules through the lens of alternative early childhood education (Montessori specifically).  As a result, CDHS has sent out possible changes and I am hoping you will review the proposed changes and make comment. 

CMA is particularly excited about the proposed changes to 7.701.13 Waivers D. 1, a. b. and c. These changes would provide clarity for the community and the appeals panel around materials waiver requirements, enabling high quality Montessori early childhood education programs to implement their philosophy and curriculum to benefit children in a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment. 

Whether you agree or disagree with the proposed changes - NOW IS THE TIMEThe public comment period will close Thursday, August 31, 2017.

They are willing to listen to our opinions and value our input.  Please - let your voice be heard.  Below is a template that you are welcome to use to respond in the comments section of the website.  Once you are on the website, please click on "Open: Public Comment on General Rules for Child Care Facilities and Licensing Fees".  

Click here to comment

Click for template

I would also encourage you to forward this on to your Montessori families.  Their voices are highly valued as well.

Thank you!

CMA President

CMA has been serving the Montessori community in Colorado for five years. We look forward to celebrating with you in the months to come.

Thank you for all your support in these past years. We look forward to working together and to continue to be a powerful voice for our Montessori Community.

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The Colorado Montessori Association is a powerful voice for Montessori advocacy providing a forum for networking and professional growth in the Montessori Community. It is a highly functioning, evolving professional organization, unified in its vision, respectful, purposeful and inclusive.

Our second annual Montessori Artist Gathering for Peace will take place September 21, 2017, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. This year we will have a student art exhibit. Come join us for food, wine, great company and fun.

CMA members are free. There will be a special on memberships for individuals, $10.00 or if your school is a member, $5.00 (school membership prices remain the same). Registration opens September 1st at 8:00 am. Space is limited. 

Feature School

We are continuing our “Featured School” section and invite all our member schools to consider being “featured” with us.

August's Feature School is Mountain Village Montessori Charter School.

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