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The Colorado Montessori Association believes that active, ongoing advocacy is critical to ensuring the success of Montessori education in Colorado. We understand that effective advocacy requires a willingness to compromise and partner with state agencies, elected officials, and other advocacy organizations. CMA’s advocacy efforts will prioritize the spirit of partnership while also preserving the essential cornerstones of the Montessori pedagogy.

We will engage in advocacy efforts along the following guidelines:

  • We will first seek to prevent issues from ever impacting Montessori schools with the following strategies:
    • Actively seeking a seat at the table when rules and regulations are being discussed and attempt to shape them in a way that supports our membership.
    • Share clear feedback about proposed rules, regulations, and legislation that might affect our membership.
    • Propose and promote ideas that are beneficial to Montessori education.


  • We will seek to influence policy in favor of Montessori schools with the following strategies:
    • Contact state offices and elected officials to tell them about CMA and Montessori.
    • Encourage state offices and elected officials to visit and tour local Montessori schools.
    • Offer training to state employees and elected officials to help them better understand Montessori education.
    • Offer training and professional development to the Montessori community to help them better understand rules, regulations, and legislation.
    • Partner and connect with other Montessori advocacy organizations across the US.


  • We will seek to change policy that negatively impacts Montessori education with the following strategies:
    • Should our efforts to influence change from within state offices fail, we will engage in active legislative advocacy in order to make a change.
    • We will partner with other organizations who may have lobbyists. CMA will not hire lobbyists as it violates our 501c3 status.


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