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Validation Project Overview 

Validation Project Frequently Asked Questions

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Validated Schools

Important Notes:  CMA does not accept applications by mail. The application should be put together and scanned according to the guidelines in the Validation Checklist document.

Also, please keep in mind that CMA does not accept applications from March 1st to August 15th due to the timeline deadlines, scheduling and end of the school year. Applications must be complete to be put through before the deadlines. If your application is turned in during the months of November and December, the site visit may be scheduled in January.

If your school's license is on probation or has another adverse action, you must wait until that ends to apply for Validation. For questions, please email, Validation@ColoradoMontessoriAssociation.org

Dear Colorado Montessori School,

The Colorado Montessori Association is pleased that you have made the choice to become a validated Montessori school. CMA is a volunteer state organization with the goal of supporting high quality Montessori education in our state.

If you have not already done so, please read the Montessori School Validation Program Overview and Handbook. (Link Here) The first step for participation in the validation program is your completion of this application. CMA will initially be offering validation for early childhood classrooms. Infant/Toddler, Elementary, and Adolescent programs will be added in the future.

CMA is not currently able to validate in-home Montessori programs.

The Validation Project fee is $150.00 for the first classroom. Each additional classroom is $20.00 for CMA member schools. Non-member schools will be charged 10% more. These fees will be used to reimburse Verifier Teams and maintain a project that is financially sustainable for CMA.

Your completed online application will be sent to the Project Coordinator. After you send in the application an invoice will be sent. Please pay your total validation fee using the PayPal link.

Thank you for your participation.

The CMA Board of Directors


Colorado Montessori Association
PO Box 473541 
Aurora, CO 80047-3541


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